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Life's Short... Plan Well


Douglas Reece - Founder & CEO - Wealth Associates Like the seasons of nature that are constantly changing and moving through varying cycles of birth, growth, maturity and decay, so do we move through our own “Seasons Of Wealth” in the lifecycle of our financial management. In this ever-shifting economic landscape it is an ongoing challenge to maintain discipline, focus, balance and progress in our financial goals. To this end we have dedicated our efforts to solving the mysteries of money management.

For nearly 30 years our work has focused on helping people define their financial goals and build plans to achieve them through a process we call “The Stewardship of Wealth.” This process has been time-tested with over 400 clients in nearly all 50 states and the results have shown us that we can overcome any financial obstacle and achieve any financial goal given the right alignment of adequate resources (time, energy and money). The key is having “adequate” resources which means having enough time, enough energy and enough money to arrive at your desired result.

Addressing this issue of enough has been the central theme in our newsletter entitled, “How Much Is Enough?” We have pulled the most popular issues from more than a decade of writing and placed them in themes in the “Newsletter” section of this site.

To help you align your resources we have included the section “Financial Planning Tools” to offer you guidance in building your own comprehensive Financial Plan. Each key area includes instructional resources to guide you through the maze of financial decision-making steps necessary to arrive at a long-term plan for financial freedom.

And finally our section “Financial Planning Services” provides a description of our work as financial advisor to our select client group. We limit our practice to 30 active clients and have done so since our inception. It allows us to provide highly personalized care for each client and not overextend our professional resources. 

Our primary hope is “to help remove money as a barrier to living.” We hope you will find our tools and services valuable in helping you with your financial planning efforts and in achieving this goal.

My Best,

Doug Reese


Founded in 1991 by Douglas Reese, Wealth Associates, Inc. serves as architect and advocate to individuals and organizations seeking comprehensive financial solutions in their business and personal lives.