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Financial Planning Services


Our focus here is simple: To create and preserve wealth for long-term financial freedom. We define "wealth" as "stored freedom, choice, and opportunity." We define "financial freedom" as “that point in time where you do not need to generate income in order to support your lifestyle." We focus on long-term goals for financial freedom, develop annual benchmarks necessary to keep on pace for meeting goals, and create implementation plans for managing investments according to a well-balanced asset allocation program. We tailor investment programs to each individual’s risk tolerance and rate of return goals. Our broad investment approach targets a rate of return appropriate to our client’s risk tolerance and long-term investment goals, while achieving our targeted growth rates with minimal risk exposure.

There are two services offered through our investment management work. Through our "Portfolio Management Service," we serve as the active portfolio manager making and executing all investment decisions and taking on full management responsibility for investment accounts. Our "Investment Advisory Service" is an ongoing “coaching” or “partnering” role where we serve as an outside advisor to clients who choose to self-administer their own investment accounts but want outside resources for selecting appropriate investments.