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Learning Resources


Wealth Philosophy

Wealth Direction & Perception
Developing an understanding of your wealth direction

Discipline & Congruence
Identifying how close your commitments match your priorities

A Beginning Point
Developing a personal definition of "WEALTH"


Money Matters Philosophy
Developing your own stewardship of wealth. The impact money has in your everyday life

Personal Financial Stewardship
How you choose to use the resources and opportunities given to you

What Do You Value?
Looking at your life and what you value

Dental Practice

If Adam were an Actuary and Eve were an Artist
What it means to provide CARE in your dental office

Compensation Part I
How to pay employees the appropriate compensation

Compensation Part II
Creating a surplus program to reward employees for their standard of conduct


Rules to Play By, Revisited
An example of how a couple with two different money styles and points of view handle money issues

Addressing the B Word Part I
Addressing three methods of balancing your budget and lifestyle as well as three key components to a personal budget

The B Word Part II
Analyzing whether your personal financial lifestyle creates a financial surplus or shortage

The B Word Part III
Identifying the frustrations encountered when applying the three basic elements of money management

Debt Freedom

Financial Independence vs. Financial Freedom
Achieving financial freedom by creating a Debt Freedom Schedule

Financial Freedom: Heart and Mind
Exercises that will help provide valuable insight into your thinking about money, understanding of it and reaction to it

Normal vs. Debt Payment Schedule
A powerful financial planning technique allowing you to become debt free as quickly as possible


How Much Is Really Enough?
How crowd behavior affects your own individual investment identity

The 100% Solution
Formulas for both your dental practice and your personal life in getting a return on your investments

Game Shows & Roller Coasters
The anatomy of an investor defined in key six components. How to choose stocks and mutual funds

Estate Planning

A Legacy of Stewardship
Preparing a legacy for those you love

Peace of Mind, For the Journey
Calculating your current financial resource value and lifestyle needs for retirement

Financial Independence
The four economic conditions used in building your financial independence program