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About Wealth Associates


We are dedicated to helping our Select Client Group realize their financial dreams. To this end, we serve those who have a willingness and readiness to care for their own financial health. We bring to each relationship a high degree of commitment and the necessary time, energy, and resources to fulfill our role. We ask no less from those whom we serve.

We provide a “signature service” through our integrated model of “THE STEWARDSHIP OF WEALTH.” Our efforts are extremely personalized. Our work is clearly focused. Those we serve are highly dedicated to the success of the relationship and the success of the work. Our clients realize their financial dreams, and we are well rewarded for our efforts in helping those dreams become reality. We give the credit and the glory for these good works to God.

Our success lies in our ability to help answer the cornerstone question of THE STEWARDSHIP OF WEALTH which is, “How much is enough?” Serving as professional “guides” and “outfitters,” we prepare, train, teach, and uphold those we serve as they journey through the “wilderness places” of their lives, on a path that leads to financial fulfillment. Our mission is to help chart the course of this journey and in the process our goal is to remove money as a barrier to a fulfilling life. Our joy comes from walking along side each person, encouraging them to continue, providing them the necessary equipment and direction, picking them up when they fall, holding them accountable to their own dreams, and simply being present as they discover the beauty that lies before them.

Our work renews us, yet it does not define us. In our organization, we hold true to the balance of our individual life’s work, play, love, and faith. Because our people are our most valuable investment, we honor their commitment to our work by respecting their individual beliefs, passions, dreams, and desires. We ask much of ourselves and of those we serve, and we believe the return on our investment is worthy of this calling.

Our professional hope is to live a waking dream where wealth and worth live in harmony with peace and fulfillment.